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defense response to other organism (GO:0098542)
Annotations: Rat: (1117) Mouse: (1196) Human: (1317) Chinchilla: (583) Bonobo: (691) Dog: (815) Squirrel: (588) Pig: (833)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
antimicrobial humoral response +   
behavioral defense response +   
cellular defense response +   
defense response by callose deposition +  
defense response by callose deposition in cell wall 
defense response by cell wall thickening +  
defense response to other organism +   
Reactions triggered in response to the presence of another organism that act to protect the cell or organism from damage caused by that organism.
defense response to tumor cell  
detection of other organism +   
effector-mediated modulation of host process by symbiont +  
inflammatory response +   
negative regulation of defense response +   
positive regulation of defense response +   
regulation of defense response +   
respiratory burst involved in defense response +   
response to bacterium +   
response to defenses of other organism +   
response to fungus +   
response to herbivore 
response to host +   
response to insect 
response to nematode  
response to oomycetes +  
response to protozoan +   
response to symbiont +   
response to virus +   

Definition Sources: GOC:dos

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