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maintenance of protein complex location (GO:0098544)
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axonal transport of messenger ribonucleoprotein complex +   
cellular protein-containing complex localization +   
dendritic transport of ribonucleoprotein complex +   
establishment of protein-containing complex localization to telomere +   
intraciliary transport +   
intramanchette transport  
lipid storage +   
maintenance of location in cell +   
maintenance of protein complex location +  
Any process in which a protein complex is maintained in a location and prevented from moving elsewhere. These include sequestration, stabilization to prevent transport elsewhere and the active retrieval of protein complexes that move away.
maintenance of protein location +   
maintenance of RNA location +  
neurotransmitter receptor transport +   
proteasome core complex import into nucleus 
protein-DNA complex transport 
receptor diffusion trapping +   
receptor localization to synapse +   
ribonucleoprotein complex export from nucleus +   
ribosome localization +   
sequestering of calcium ion +   
sequestering of metal ion +   
sequestering of neurotransmitter  

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