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aggregation of unicellular organisms (GO:0098630)
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cell aggregation +     
acquisition of nutrients from other organism during symbiotic interaction +  
adhesion of symbiont to host +   
aggregation of unicellular organisms +  
The clustering together of unicellular organisms in suspension form aggregates.
cartilage condensation +   
development involved in symbiotic interaction +   
feeding on or from other organism +  
growth involved in symbiotic interaction +   
interspecies interaction between organisms +   
intraspecies interaction between organisms +   
multi organism cell adhesion +   
multi-multicellular organism process +   
multi-organism behavior +   
multi-organism cellular process +   
multi-organism localization +   
multi-organism metabolic process +   
multi-organism reproductive process +   
negative regulation of multi-organism process +   
positive regulation of multi-organism process +   
regulation of multi-organism process +   
response to other organism +   

Exact Synonyms: aggregation of single cell organisms
Definition Sources: GOC:dos

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