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maintenance of cell number (GO:0098727)
Annotations: Rat: (161) Mouse: (167) Human: (160) Chinchilla: (157) Bonobo: (155) Dog: (158) Squirrel: (159)
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abscission +   
acquisition of mycelium reproductive competence 
age-dependent general metabolic decline +   
age-related resistance +  
aging +   
anatomical structure arrangement +   
anatomical structure development +   
anatomical structure formation involved in morphogenesis +   
anatomical structure morphogenesis +   
anatomical structure regression +   
cellular developmental process +   
dedifferentiation +   
development involved in symbiotic interaction +   
developmental growth +   
developmental induction +   
developmental maturation +   
developmental process involved in reproduction +   
dormancy process +  
maintenance of cell number +   
Any process by which the numbers of cells of a particular type or in a tissue are maintained.
meristem initiation +  
negative regulation of developmental process +   
positive regulation of developmental process +   
regulation of developmental process +   
spore germination +  
sporulation +  

Definition Sources: GOC:dos

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