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neurotransmitter receptor internalization (GO:0099590)
Annotations: Rat: (39) Mouse: (40) Human: (27) Chinchilla: (25) Bonobo: (27) Dog: (12) Squirrel: (2) Pig: (18)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
anterograde axonal transport of neurotransmitter receptor complex 
anterograde dendritic transport of neurotransmitter receptor complex  
B cell receptor internalization +  
endocytic hemoglobin import  
establishment of protein localization to chloroplast +  
establishment of protein localization to chromosome +   
establishment of protein localization to endoplasmic reticulum +   
establishment of protein localization to mitochondrion +   
establishment of protein localization to peroxisome +   
establishment of protein localization to spindle pole body +  
establishment of protein localization to vacuole +   
G protein-coupled receptor internalization +   
insulin receptor internalization +   
negative regulation of receptor internalization +   
neurotransmitter receptor cycle +   
neurotransmitter receptor internalization +   
A receptor-mediated endocytosis process that results in the internalization of a neurotransmitter receptor.
neurotransmitter receptor transport postsynaptic membrane to endosome  
neurotransmitter receptor transport to plasma membrane +   
neurotransmitter receptor transport, plasma membrane to endosome 
neurotransmitter receptor transport, postsynaptic endosome to lysosome  
positive regulation of receptor internalization +   
protein import into nucleus +   
protein transmembrane import into intracellular organelle +   
receptor internalization involved in canonical Wnt signaling pathway  
regulation of receptor internalization +   
regulation of signal transduction by receptor internalization +   
ubiquitin-dependent endocytosis +   
Wnt receptor internalization +  

Definition Sources: GOC:dos

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