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rod photoreceptor disc membrane (GO:0120202)
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aleurone grain membrane 
chitosome membrane 
coated vesicle membrane +   
cone photoreceptor disc membrane 
Cvt vesicle membrane 
endocytic vesicle membrane +   
esterosome membrane 
melanosome membrane  
merozoite dense granule membrane 
organellar chromatophore membrane +  
phagolysosome vesicle membrane 
rod photoreceptor disc membrane 
Stack of disc membranes located inside a rod photoreceptor outer segment, and containing densely packed molecules of rhodopsin photoreceptor proteins that traverse the lipid bilayer. It is thought that rod disc membranes arise as evaginations of the ciliary membrane near the base of the outer segment, which then become completely separated from the ciliary membrane, during the development of the rod outer segment.
secretory granule membrane +   
STING complex 
transport vesicle membrane +   

Definition Sources: GOC:krc, GOC:pde, PMID:19501669, PMID:26574505, PMID:6771304

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