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regulation of peroxisome organization (GO:1900063)
Annotations: Rat: (3) Mouse: (3) Human: (3) Chinchilla: (3) Bonobo: (3) Dog: (3) Squirrel: (3) Pig: (3)
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ER-dependent peroxisome organization  
glyoxysome organization 
negative regulation of organelle organization +   
peroxisome disassembly 
peroxisome fission  
peroxisome inheritance 
peroxisome membrane biogenesis  
positive regulation of organelle organization +   
positive regulation of peroxisome organization 
protein localization to peroxisome +   
regulation of autophagosome maturation +   
regulation of cargo loading into COPII-coated vesicle +   
regulation of chloroplast fission +  
regulation of chromosome organization +   
regulation of COPII vesicle coating  
regulation of cytoskeleton organization +   
regulation of endoplasmic reticulum tubular network organization +   
regulation of endosome organization +   
regulation of Golgi organization +   
regulation of intraciliary anterograde transport +  
regulation of intraciliary retrograde transport +   
regulation of melanosome organization +   
regulation of mitochondrion organization +   
regulation of nuclear division +   
regulation of nucleus organization +   
regulation of organelle assembly +   
regulation of peroxisome organization +   
Any process that modulates the frequency, rate or extent of peroxisome organization.
regulation of phagosome maturation +   
regulation of postsynaptic density organization +   
regulation of secretory granule organization +   
regulation of synaptic vesicle budding from presynaptic endocytic zone membrane  
regulation of synaptic vesicle lumen acidification +  
regulation of thylakoid membrane disassembly 
regulation of vacuole organization +   
regulation of vesicle fusion +   
vesicle fusion with peroxisome 

Exact Synonyms: regulation of peroxisome organisation
Related Synonyms: regulation of peroxisome organization and biogenesis ;   regulation of peroxisome-assembly ATPase activity
Definition Sources: GOC:TermGenie, PMID:7500953

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