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failure of embryo implantation (MP:0001728)
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abnormal embryo apposition  
abnormal embryo attachment  
abnormal embryo invasion 
abnormal luminal closure  
abnormal uterine-embryonic axis  
delayed embryo implantation  
dormant blastocysts 
empty decidua capsularis  
failure of embryo implantation  
inability of the blastocyst and/or the uterine environment to successfully synchronize allowing attachment of the blastocyst to the epithelial lining of the uterus, its penetration through the epithelium and any subsequent physiological interactions necessary to sustain embryonic development
impaired embryo implantation  
impaired spacing of implantation sites  
twin decidual capsule  

Exact Synonyms: failure of implantation
Definition Sources: PMID:10882512

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