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abnormal rete testis morphology +   
abnormal seminiferous tubule morphology +   
abnormal testis development +   
abnormal testis interstitial tissue morphology  
abnormal testis size +   
abnormal testis tissue architecture 
abnormal testis tunica albuginea morphology  
abnormal testis tunica vaginalis morphology 
absent testes  
failure of one or both of the testes to descend into the scrotum around the time of birth
ectopic testis  
increased testis apoptosis  
testis degeneration  
testis fibrosis 

Exact Synonyms: abdominal testes ;   absence of scrotal testes ;   cryptorchidism ;   undescended testes
Xrefs: Fyler:4493
Definition Sources: MGI:csmith

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