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abnormal lung vasculature morphology (MP:0004007)
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abnormal artery morphology +   
abnormal blood vessel elastic tissue morphology +   
abnormal blood vessel endothelium morphology +   
abnormal capillary morphology +   
abnormal choroid vasculature morphology +   
abnormal conjunctival vasculature morphology +  
abnormal cranial blood vasculature morphology +   
abnormal intersomitic vessel morphology +   
abnormal kidney blood vessel morphology +   
abnormal left lung morphology +   
abnormal liver vasculature morphology +   
abnormal lung development +   
abnormal lung epithelium morphology +   
abnormal lung glycogen level +   
abnormal lung interstitium morphology +   
abnormal lung lobe morphology +   
abnormal lung position or orientation +   
abnormal lung size +   
abnormal lung vasculature morphology +   
any structural anomaly of the blood vessels of the lung
abnormal pericyte morphology  
abnormal perivascular macrophage morphology  
abnormal placenta vasculature +   
abnormal pulmonary alveolar system morphology +   
abnormal pulmonary collagen fibril morphology  
abnormal pulmonary elastic fiber morphology  
abnormal respiratory conducting tube morphology +   
abnormal retinal vasculature morphology +   
abnormal right lung morphology +   
abnormal stria vascularis vasculature morphology  
abnormal urinary bladder blood vessel morphology  
abnormal vascular development +   
abnormal vascular smooth muscle morphology +   
abnormal vein morphology +   
absent lungs  
altered susceptibility to pulmonary hyaline membrane formation +   
arteriovenous malformation +   
atretic vasculature  
dilated vasculature +   
lung cysts  
pale lung  
perivascular fibrosis  
pulmonary edema +   
pulmonary fibrosis +   
pulmonary hyaline membrane formation +   
pulmonary necrosis +   
pulmonary parenchymal consolidation 
vascular diverticulum 
vascular stenosis +   
vasculature congestion +   
vasculature degeneration 

Definition Sources: MGI:smb

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