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short sperm flagellum (MP:0009239)
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abnormal sperm axoneme morphology  
abnormal sperm connecting piece morphology  
abnormal sperm end piece morphology  
abnormal sperm midpiece morphology +   
abnormal sperm principal piece morphology +   
absent sperm flagellum  
coiled sperm flagellum  
detached sperm flagellum  
elongated sperm flagellum  
hairpin sperm flagellum  
kinked sperm flagellum  
multiflagellated sperm  
short sperm flagellum  
decreased length of the whiplike posterior filiform portion of the spermatozoon that provides sperm motility
thick sperm flagellum  
thin sperm flagellum  

Exact Synonyms: decreased sperm flagellum length ;   short sperm tail ;   truncated sperm flagellum
Definition Sources: MGI:anna

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