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abnormal acute phase protein level (MP:0010211)
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abnormal acute phase protein level +   
deviation from the normal levels of the series of proteins found in the blood shortly after infection and which participate in the early phases of host defense against infection
abnormal alpha-fetoprotein level +   
abnormal apolipoprotein level +   
abnormal cholinesterase level 
abnormal circulating protein level +   
abnormal collagen level +   
abnormal complement pathway +   
abnormal complement protein level +   
abnormal cytokine level +   
abnormal cytokine secretion +   
abnormal dystrophin level +  
abnormal guanylate cyclase activating protein-2 level +  
abnormal haptoglobin level +   
abnormal immunoglobulin level +   
abnormal intercellular signaling peptide or protein level +   
abnormal macrophage physiology +   
abnormal neutrophil physiology +   
abnormal NK cell physiology +   
abnormal phospholipase A2 level +   
abnormal renal protein reabsorption +   
abnormal UDP-N-acetylglucosamine-1-phosphotransferase level +  
proteinosis +   

Definition Sources: ISBN:0-8153-1691-7

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