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increased pancreatic islet cell carcinoma incidence (MP:0010348)
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increased adenocarcinoma incidence +   
increased basal cell carcinoma incidence  
increased cholangiocarcinoma incidence  
increased endometrial carcinoma incidence  
increased hepatocellular carcinoma incidence  
increased lung carcinoma incidence +   
increased mammary gland ductal carcinoma incidence  
increased ovarian carcinoma incidence  
increased pancreas adenoma incidence +   
increased pancreatic acinar cell carcinoma incidence  
increased pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma incidence  
increased pancreatic gastrinoma incidence 
increased pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasia incidence  
increased pancreatic islet cell carcinoma incidence  
greater than the expected number of malignant neoplasms arising in the pancreatic islet cells, occurring in a specific population in a given time period
increased renal carcinoma incidence  
increased spindle cell carcinoma incidence  
increased squamous cell carcinoma incidence +   
increased teratocarcinoma incidence  
increased thyroid carcinoma incidence +   
increased urinary bladder carcinoma incidence +   
increased uterus carcinoma incidence  

Definition Sources: MGI:csmith

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