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impaired lung lobe morphogenesis (MP:0011011)
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abnormal branching involved in lung morphogenesis +   
abnormal lung alveolus development +   
abnormal lung bud morphology +   
abnormal lung saccule morphology +   
abnormal lung-associated mesenchyme development  
abnormal mesenchymal cell differentiation involved in lung development  
abnormal mesenchymal cell proliferation involved in lung development +   
abnormal right lung accessory lobe morphology +   
abnormal right lung caudal lobe morphology  
abnormal right lung cranial lobe morphology  
abnormal right lung middle lobe morphology  
fused right lung lobes  
impaired lung lobe morphogenesis  
failure to form any of the anatomically and functionally distinct subunits (lobes) comprising the left or right lung
small lung lobe  
thick lung-associated mesenchyme  
thin lung-associated mesenchyme  

Definition Sources: MGI:anna

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