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abnormal susceptibility to injury induced morbidity/mortality (MP:0020344)
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abnormal sensitivity to induced morbidity/mortality +   
abnormal susceptibility to colitis induced morbidity/mortality +   
abnormal susceptibility to injury induced morbidity/mortality  
differences from the expected moribund state caused by trauma, especially that by physical means
abnormal Wallerian degeneration +   
abnormal wound healing +   
abnormal xenobiotic induced morbidity/mortality +   
altered response of heart to induced stress +   
altered response to CNS ischemic injury +   
altered response to myocardial infarction +   
altered response to retinal ischemic injury +   
altered susceptibility to infection induced morbidity/mortality +   
altered susceptibility to kidney reperfusion injury +   
decreased susceptibility to injury +   
increased susceptibility to injury +   

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