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disease pathway +      
cancer pathway +    
Cancer, or malignant neoplasm, represents a category of diseases characterized by uncontrolled cell growth and avoidance of apoptosis, invasion and metastasis. Deregulation of many pathways - signaling, regulatory, metabolic and combination of them, have been implicated in susceptibility to or development of these conditions. Generally, cancer is classified according to the tissue or organ affected.
cardiovascular system disease pathway +    
congenital disease pathway +   
digestive system disease pathway +   
endocrine system disease pathway +    
immune system disease pathway +   
infectious disease pathway +   
musculoskeletal disease pathway +   
nervous system disease pathway +    
neuropsychiatric disease pathway +   
nutritional and metabolic disease pathway +    
respiratory system disease pathway +   
skin and connective tissue disease pathway +   
substance dependence pathway +  
urogenital disease pathway +   

Related Synonyms: neoplasm pathway
Definition Sources: PMID:10647931

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