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aldosterone signaling pathway   
altered stress response pathway +    
altered transcription factor mediated signaling pathway +    
altered transcription pathway via transcription factor mediated signaling +    
androgen signaling pathway +     
basic helix-loop-helix signaling pathway +    
bile acid signaling pathway  
cortisol signaling pathway +    
endoplasmic reticulum stress - the unfolded protein response pathway  
estrogen signaling pathway +    
forkhead signaling pathway +   
hypoxia inducible factor pathway +     
mitochondrial unfolded protein response pathway 
nuclear factor kappa B signaling pathway +    
nuclear factor of activated T-cells signaling pathway  
nuclear factor, erythroid 2 like 2 signaling pathway +    
oxidative stress response pathway +    
p53 signaling pathway +     
p53 transcription factor is a tumor suppressor frequently mutated in cancer. p53 is at the hub of many signaling and regulatory pathways. In response to various stresses, it promotes apoptosis, cell cycle arrest and other defense pathways via transcription dependent as well as independent routes. A key regulator of p53 is Mdm2. Mdm2 is a transcriptional target of p53 thus providing a negative feedback loop.

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peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor signaling pathway +  
retinoic acid signaling pathway   
sterol regulatory element-binding protein signaling pathway   
vitamin D signaling pathway 

Related Synonyms: KEGG:04115 ;   PID:200206
Definition Sources: PMID:18783169, PMID:18927276, PMID:19007744, PMID:19407794, PMID:19776744

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