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# of AnimalsPhenotypeStrainSexValueUnitsConditionsRecord ID
6plasma albumin levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale0.36g/lfasting (for 16 hours)82409fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma triglyceride levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale0.904mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)82415fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood hemoglobin levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale17.5g/dlfasting (for 16 hours)82396fasting (for 16 hours)
6lung wet weightF344-Scn1am2Kyomale0.835gspecific pathogen-free conditions73991specific pathogen-free conditions
6spleen weight to body weight ratioF344-Scn1am2Kyomale0.201%specific pathogen-free conditions74000specific pathogen-free conditions
6mean corpuscular volumeF344-Scn1am2Kyomale51.9flfasting (for 16 hours)82398fasting (for 16 hours)
6body temperatureF344-Scn1am2Kyomale38.3degrees Cspecific pathogen-free conditions75400specific pathogen-free conditions
6both kidneys wet weight as percentage of body weightF344-Scn1am2Kyomale0.59%specific pathogen-free conditions73996specific pathogen-free conditions
6hematocritF344-Scn1am2Kyomale49.4%fasting (for 16 hours)82397fasting (for 16 hours)
6brain weight to body weight ratioF344-Scn1am2Kyomale0.918%specific pathogen-free conditions73988specific pathogen-free conditions
6liver weight as percentage of body weightF344-Scn1am2Kyomale2.75%specific pathogen-free conditions73994specific pathogen-free conditions
6systolic blood pressureF344-Scn1am2Kyomale129mmHgspecific pathogen-free conditions75398specific pathogen-free conditions
6lung weight to body weight ratioF344-Scn1am2Kyomale0.406%specific pathogen-free conditions73992specific pathogen-free conditions
6liver wet weightF344-Scn1am2Kyomale5.624gspecific pathogen-free conditions73993specific pathogen-free conditions
6plasma creatinine levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale0.22mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)82418fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma total cholesterol levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale52mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)82412fasting (for 16 hours)
6both adrenal glands wet weightF344-Scn1am2Kyomale38.7mgspecific pathogen-free conditions73997specific pathogen-free conditions
6plasma glucose levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale159mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)82411fasting (for 16 hours)
6heart rateF344-Scn1am2Kyomale469beats/minspecific pathogen-free conditions75399specific pathogen-free conditions
6brain wet weightF344-Scn1am2Kyomale1.871gspecific pathogen-free conditions73987specific pathogen-free conditions
6mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentrationF344-Scn1am2Kyomale35.3g/dlfasting (for 16 hours)82400fasting (for 16 hours)
6heart wet weightF344-Scn1am2Kyomale0.649gspecific pathogen-free conditions73989specific pathogen-free conditions
6both kidneys wet weightF344-Scn1am2Kyomale1.21gspecific pathogen-free conditions73995specific pathogen-free conditions
6mean corpuscular hemoglobin levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale18.3pgfasting (for 16 hours)82399fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma high density lipoprotein cholesterol levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale34.1mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)82413fasting (for 16 hours)
6both testes wet weightF344-Scn1am2Kyomale2.25gspecific pathogen-free conditions74001specific pathogen-free conditions
6plasma low density lipoprotein cholesterol levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale5mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)82414fasting (for 16 hours)
6both testes wet weight to body weight ratioF344-Scn1am2Kyomale1.102%specific pathogen-free conditions74002specific pathogen-free conditions
6spleen wet weightF344-Scn1am2Kyomale0.412gspecific pathogen-free conditions73999specific pathogen-free conditions
6both adrenal glands weight to body weight ratioF344-Scn1am2Kyomale18.9mg/100gspecific pathogen-free conditions73998specific pathogen-free conditions
6body weightF344-Scn1am2Kyomale107.4gspecific pathogen-free conditions71146specific pathogen-free conditions
6body weightF344-Scn1am2Kyomale133gspecific pathogen-free conditions71147specific pathogen-free conditions
6body weightF344-Scn1am2Kyomale218.2gspecific pathogen-free conditions71145specific pathogen-free conditions
6plasma urea nitrogen levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale6.2475mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)82417fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma total protein levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale59mg/mlfasting (for 16 hours)82408fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood basophil count to total leukocyte count ratioF344-Scn1am2Kyomale0%fasting (for 16 hours)82424fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma phosphate levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale6.3mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)82419fasting (for 16 hours)
6activated partial thromboplastin timeF344-Scn1am2Kyomale15.6sfasting (for 16 hours)82404fasting (for 16 hours)
6prothrombin timeF344-Scn1am2Kyomale15.6sfasting (for 16 hours)82403fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood eosinophil count to total leukocyte count ratioF344-Scn1am2Kyomale1%fasting (for 16 hours)82425fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood lymphocyte count to total leukocyte count ratioF344-Scn1am2Kyomale87%fasting (for 16 hours)82428fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood monocyte count to total leukocyte count ratioF344-Scn1am2Kyomale0%fasting (for 16 hours)82429fasting (for 16 hours)
6total plasma calcium levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale9.9mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)82420fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma alkaline phosphatase activity levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale436IU/lfasting (for 16 hours)82407fasting (for 16 hours)
6urine chloride levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale156mEq/L0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 961140.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6urine potassium excretion rate to body weight ratioF344-Scn1am2Kyomale148uEq/100g/6 hrs0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 961130.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6urine chloride excretion rate to body weight ratioF344-Scn1am2Kyomale254uEq/100g/6 hrs0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 961150.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6red blood cell countF344-Scn1am2Kyomale0.953x 10E6 cells/ulfasting (for 16 hours)82395fasting (for 16 hours)
6white blood cell countF344-Scn1am2Kyomale7.4x 1000 cells/ulfasting (for 16 hours)82401fasting (for 16 hours)
6platelet countF344-Scn1am2Kyomale624x 1000 cells/ulfasting (for 16 hours)82402fasting (for 16 hours)
6total plasma bilirubin levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale0mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)82416fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma sodium levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale146.1mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)82421fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma potassium levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale3.85mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)82422fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma chloride levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale104mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)82423fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma aspartate aminotransferase activity levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale66U/lfasting (for 16 hours)82405fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma alanine aminotransferase activity levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale35U/lfasting (for 16 hours)82406fasting (for 16 hours)
6urine potassium levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale90.4mmol/l0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 961120.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6urine sodium levelF344-Scn1am2Kyomale116.3mmol/l0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 961100.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6timed urine volumeF344-Scn1am2Kyomale14.4ml/d0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 961080.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6urine sodium excretion rate to body weight ratioF344-Scn1am2Kyomale0.005292uEq/min/g0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 961110.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6timed urine volume to body weight ratioF344-Scn1am2Kyomale0.0476ul/min/g0.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg) 961090.9% sodium chloride solution (25 ml/kg)
6blood segmented neutrophil count to total leukocyte count ratioF344-Scn1am2Kyomale13%fasting (for 16 hours)82427fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma albumin to plasma total protein ratioF344-Scn1am2Kyomale1.57fasting (for 16 hours)82410fasting (for 16 hours)
6non-specified leukocyte count to total leukocyte count ratioF344-Scn1am2Kyomale0%fasting (for 16 hours)82430fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood band neutrophil count to total leukocyte count ratioF344-Scn1am2Kyomale0%fasting (for 16 hours)82426fasting (for 16 hours)
6heart weight to body weight ratioF344-Scn1am2Kyomale3.18g/kgspecific pathogen-free conditions73990specific pathogen-free conditions