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Experimental Conditions

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# of AnimalsPhenotypeStrainSexValueUnitsConditionsRecord ID
6plasma albumin levelLEW/SsNSlcmale0.39g/lfasting (for 16 hours)78488fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma triglyceride levelLEW/SsNSlcmale0.6893mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)78494fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood hemoglobin levelLEW/SsNSlcmale16.8g/dlfasting (for 16 hours)78475fasting (for 16 hours)
6mean corpuscular volumeLEW/SsNSlcmale58.2flfasting (for 16 hours)78477fasting (for 16 hours)
6hematocritLEW/SsNSlcmale57.1%fasting (for 16 hours)78476fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma creatinine levelLEW/SsNSlcmale0.24mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)78497fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma total cholesterol levelLEW/SsNSlcmale102mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)78491fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma glucose levelLEW/SsNSlcmale148mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)78490fasting (for 16 hours)
6mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentrationLEW/SsNSlcmale29.5g/dlfasting (for 16 hours)78479fasting (for 16 hours)
6mean corpuscular hemoglobin levelLEW/SsNSlcmale17.2pgfasting (for 16 hours)78478fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma high density lipoprotein cholesterol levelLEW/SsNSlcmale75.4mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)78492fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma low density lipoprotein cholesterol levelLEW/SsNSlcmale12mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)78493fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma urea nitrogen levelLEW/SsNSlcmale7.6398mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)78496fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma total protein levelLEW/SsNSlcmale62mg/mlfasting (for 16 hours)78487fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood basophil count to total leukocyte count ratioLEW/SsNSlcmale0%fasting (for 16 hours)78503fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma phosphate levelLEW/SsNSlcmale7.1mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)78498fasting (for 16 hours)
6activated partial thromboplastin timeLEW/SsNSlcmale14.2sfasting (for 16 hours)78483fasting (for 16 hours)
6prothrombin timeLEW/SsNSlcmale17sfasting (for 16 hours)78482fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood eosinophil count to total leukocyte count ratioLEW/SsNSlcmale0%fasting (for 16 hours)78504fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood lymphocyte count to total leukocyte count ratioLEW/SsNSlcmale89%fasting (for 16 hours)78507fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood monocyte count to total leukocyte count ratioLEW/SsNSlcmale0%fasting (for 16 hours)78508fasting (for 16 hours)
6total plasma calcium levelLEW/SsNSlcmale10.2mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)78499fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma alkaline phosphatase activity levelLEW/SsNSlcmale363IU/lfasting (for 16 hours)78486fasting (for 16 hours)
6red blood cell countLEW/SsNSlcmale0.981x 10E6 cells/ulfasting (for 16 hours)78474fasting (for 16 hours)
6white blood cell countLEW/SsNSlcmale5.7x 1000 cells/ulfasting (for 16 hours)78480fasting (for 16 hours)
6platelet countLEW/SsNSlcmale822x 1000 cells/ulfasting (for 16 hours)78481fasting (for 16 hours)
6total plasma bilirubin levelLEW/SsNSlcmale0.04mg/dlfasting (for 16 hours)78495fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma sodium levelLEW/SsNSlcmale145.2mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)78500fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma potassium levelLEW/SsNSlcmale4.49mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)78501fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma chloride levelLEW/SsNSlcmale105mmol/lfasting (for 16 hours)78502fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma aspartate aminotransferase activity levelLEW/SsNSlcmale57U/lfasting (for 16 hours)78484fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma alanine aminotransferase activity levelLEW/SsNSlcmale27U/lfasting (for 16 hours)78485fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood segmented neutrophil count to total leukocyte count ratioLEW/SsNSlcmale11%fasting (for 16 hours)78506fasting (for 16 hours)
6plasma albumin to plasma total protein ratioLEW/SsNSlcmale1.72fasting (for 16 hours)78489fasting (for 16 hours)
6non-specified leukocyte count to total leukocyte count ratioLEW/SsNSlcmale0%fasting (for 16 hours)78509fasting (for 16 hours)
6blood band neutrophil count to total leukocyte count ratioLEW/SsNSlcmale0%fasting (for 16 hours)78505fasting (for 16 hours)