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1 Annotations Found.

An association has been curated linking Cdh23 and auditory receptor cell stereocilium organization in Rattus norvegicus.        

  • The association was inferred from sequence orthology (ISO)
  • The annotation was made from RGD pipelines: Rat ISO annotations derived from the GO annotations of orthologous genes in other species.
  • The annotation has been inferred from sequence orthology with Cdh23 (Mus musculus)
  • 22 CRRD objects have been annotated to auditory receptor cell stereocilium organization  (GO:0060088)
  • 22 papers in CRRD have been used to annotate Cdh23
  • Curation Notes: MGI:MGI:1856228|MGI:MGI:1856681|MGI:MGI:1891428|MGI:MGI:2154548|MGI:MGI:2154549 (MGI:MGI:1929001|PMID:11138008), (MGI:MGI:1933915|PMID:11322776), (MGI:MGI:3526751|PMID:15537665), (MGI:MGI:3625226|PMID:12121736), (MGI:MGI:3686545|PMID:17050716), (MGI:MGI:5468200|PMID:23217710), (MGI:MGI:75953|PMID:7610888), (MGI:MGI:81497|PMID:8790740), (MGI:MGI:86134|PMID:9039475)
  • Original References(s): MGI:MGI:1929001, MGI:MGI:1933915, MGI:MGI:3526751, MGI:MGI:3625226, MGI:MGI:3686545, MGI:MGI:5468200, MGI:MGI:75953, MGI:MGI:81497, MGI:MGI:86134, PMID:11138008, PMID:11322776, PMID:12121736, PMID:15537665, PMID:17050716, PMID:23217710, PMID:7610888, PMID:8790740, PMID:9039475

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