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CRRD ID: 11982209
Species: Pan paniscus
CRRD Object: Gene
Symbol: PRMT6
Name: protein arginine methyltransferase 6
Acc ID: GO:0035241
Term: protein-arginine omega-N monomethyltransferase activity
Definition: Catalysis of the addition of a methyl group to either of the unmethylated terminal nitrogen atoms (also called omega nitrogen) in peptidyl-arginine to form an omega-N-G-monomethylated arginine residue. The reaction is S-adenosyl-L-methionine + [protein]-L-arginine = S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine + [protein]-Nomega-methyl-L-arginine.
Definition Source(s): EC:, PMID:14705965, RESID:AA0069
Note: Use of the qualifier "multiple interactions" designates that the annotated interaction is comprised of a complex set of reactions and/or regulatory events, possibly involving additional chemicals and/or gene products.
Object SymbolQualifierEvidenceWithReferenceSourceNotesOriginal Reference(s)
PRMT6 ISORGD:13122999068941UniProtKB (PMID:11724789), (PMID:16157300), (PMID:16600869)

PMID:11724789, PMID:16157300, PMID:16600869
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