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CRRD ID: 1352527
Species: Homo sapiens
CRRD Object: Gene
Symbol: SMAD4
Name: SMAD family member 4
Acc ID: GO:0005654
Term: nucleoplasm
Definition: That part of the nuclear content other than the chromosomes or the nucleolus.
Definition Source(s): GOC:ma, ISBN:0124325653
Note: Use of the qualifier "multiple interactions" designates that the annotated interaction is comprised of a complex set of reactions and/or regulatory events, possibly involving additional chemicals and/or gene products.
QualifierEvidenceWithReferenceSourceNotesOriginal Reference(s)
 IDA 2290271HPA GO_REF:0000052
 TAS 2290271Reactome Reactome:R-HSA-1112609, Reactome:R-HSA-1225919, Reactome:R-HSA-1535903, Reactome:R-HSA-173481, Reactome:R-HSA-173488, Reactome:R-HSA-173545, Reactome:R-HSA-201423, Reactome:R-HSA-201425, Reactome:R-HSA-201472, Reactome:R-HSA-209055, Reactome:R-HSA-2106579, Reactome:R-HSA-2127257, Reactome:R-HSA-2176475, Reactome:R-HSA-2176491, Reactome:R-HSA-2176502, Reactome:R-HSA-2176503, Reactome:R-HSA-2179274, Reactome:R-HSA-2179276, Reactome:R-HSA-2186607, Reactome:R-HSA-2186643, Reactome:R-HSA-2187309, Reactome:R-HSA-2187325, Reactome:R-HSA-2187330, Reactome:R-HSA-2187388, Reactome:R-HSA-480204, Reactome:R-HSA-870449, Reactome:R-HSA-870477, Reactome:R-HSA-870538, Reactome:R-HSA-8877941, Reactome:R-HSA-8878013, Reactome:R-HSA-8878143, Reactome:R-HSA-8878178, Reactome:R-HSA-8952226, Reactome:R-HSA-9617996, Reactome:R-HSA-9618004, Reactome:R-HSA-9618021, Reactome:R-NUL-2186736, Reactome:R-NUL-2186755, Reactome:R-NUL-9625758
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