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Expression Data Report for gene LINC02241
Download Expression Data
Cell lineSexAgeTissueValueUnitAssemblyReference
male0 dayszone of skin0.7TPMGRCh380
male0 dayszone of skin3.0TPMGRCh380
male0 dayszone of skin1.0TPMGRCh380
female0 dayszone of skin2.0TPMGRCh380
female0 dayszone of skin5.0TPMGRCh380
COLO-783female48 yearszone of skin3.0TPMGRCh3818183309
Hs 294Tnot specified0 dayszone of skin2.0TPMGRCh3818183309
HT-144not specified0 dayszone of skin0.8TPMGRCh3818183309
MEL-HOfemale0 dayszone of skin1.0TPMGRCh3818183309
RPMI-7951not specified18 yearszone of skin10.0TPMGRCh3818183309
SK-MEL-2male60 yearszone of skin3.0TPMGRCh3818183309
WM-266-4female58 yearszone of skin5.0TPMGRCh3818183309
G-MELnot specified0 dayszone of skin2.0TPMGRCh3818250103
M14male0 dayszone of skin0.5TPMGRCh3818250103
MZ7-melfemale0 dayszone of skin7.0TPMGRCh3818250103
SK-MEL-2male0 dayszone of skin2.0TPMGRCh3818250103
WM793Bmale0 dayszone of skin8.0TPMGRCh3818250103