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Expression Data Report for gene LINC00987
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Cell lineSexAgeTissueValueUnitAssemblyReference
malenot availablezone of skin14.0TPMGRCh3821081540
malenot availablezone of skin12.0TPMGRCh3821081540
femalenot availablezone of skin26.0TPMGRCh3821081540
malenot availablezone of skin11.0TPMGRCh3821081540
femalenot availablezone of skin54.0TPMGRCh3821081540
femalenot availablezone of skin15.0TPMGRCh3821081540
femalenot availablezone of skin39.0TPMGRCh3821081540
WM278not specifiednot availablezone of skin23.0TPMGRCh3818250103