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Variant : CV73377 (GRCh38/hg38 10q25.1-26.11(chr10:107191100-118761489)x1) Homo sapiens

Symbol: CV73377
Name: GRCh38/hg38 10q25.1-26.11(chr10:107191100-118761489)x1
Condition: See cases [RCV000052570]
Clinical Significance: pathogenic
Last Evaluated: 08/12/2011
Review Status: classified by single submitter|criteria provided, single submitter|no assertion criteria provided
Related Genes: ABLIM1   ACSL5   ADD3   ADD3-AS1   ADRA2A   ADRB1   AFAP1L2   AL137025.1   AL158212.3   ATRNL1   BBIP1   C10orf82   CACUL1   CASC2   CASP7   CCDC172   CCDC186   DCLRE1A   DUSP5   EMX2   EMX2OS   ENO4   FAM160B1   FAM204A   FRA10B   GFRA1   GPAM   HABP2   HSPA12A   KCNK18   LINC00867   LINC01435   LINC02626   LINC02661   LINC02674   MIR2110   MIR3663   MIR3663HG   MIR4295   MIR4483   MIR4680   MIR548E   MIR6715A   MIR6715B   MIR9851   MXI1   NHLRC2   NRAP   PDCD4   PDCD4-AS1   PDZD8   PLEKHS1   PNLIP   PNLIPRP1   PNLIPRP2   PNLIPRP3   PRLHR   RAB11FIP2   RBM20   SHOC2   SHTN1   SLC18A2   SMC3   SMNDC1   SNORA87   SNORD158   TCF7L2   TDRD1   TECTB   TRUB1   VAX1   VTI1A   VWA2   XPNPEP1   ZDHHC6  
Variant Type: copy number loss (SO:0001743)
Evidence: clinical testing
HGVS Name(s): NC_000010.11:g.(?_107191100)_(118761489_?)del
Human AssemblyChrPosition (strand)Source
GRCh3810107,191,100 - 118,761,489CLINVAR
GRCh3710108,950,858 - 120,521,001CLINVAR
Build 3610108,940,848 - 120,510,991CLINVAR
Cytogenetic Map1010q25.1-26.11CLINVAR

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CRRD Object Information
CRRD ID: 8619546
Created: 2014-05-13
Species: Homo sapiens
Last Modified: 2020-07-28
Status: ACTIVE


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