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Genes search result for Rattus norvegicus
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8 records found for search term Scl71[qtl]
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RGD IDSymbolNameDescriptionChrStartStopSpeciesAnnotationsMatchType
11496785LOC10835055160S ribosomal protein L12 pseudogene32483716424837883Ratn/aRegiongene
2323876LOC100359417ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase subunit32488249524907663Ratn/aRegiongene
1561736RGD1561736similar to ribosomal protein L1032514852725149104Ratn/aRegiongene
1306160Lrp1bLDL receptor related protein 1B32520119427348126Ratn/aRegiongene
11442316LOC108350579actin, cytoplasmic 2-like32590819325910044Ratn/aRegiongene
9224209LOC103691806uncharacterized LOC10369180632649201126496320Ratn/aRegiongene
7539922LOC102551194uncharacterized LOC10255119432778961727972025Ratn/aRegiongene
7732175LOC102551298MLV-related proviral Env polyprotein-like32797023327972000Ratn/aRegiongene


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